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  • Best tips to Overcome Fear of IELTS Exam

    Best tips to Overcome Fear of IELTS Exam
    Wed, Sep 05, 2018

    Best tips to Overcome Fear of IELTS Exam

    Do you like exams? An affirmative reaction to this question is least probable for the simple reason that exams make a person nervous and uncomfortable. They rob students of their confidence leaving them stressed out. In some instances, though rare, people simply panic of exams and lose their ability to think clearly. IELTS is not an exception to this. In this blog we present the best tips to overcome the fear of IELTS exam. Not just through blogs, we also offer best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon.

    Thousands of students prepare for IELTS on their own and face some of the below mentioned fears. Our expert faculty helps the students preparing for IELTS exam in overcoming these fears and ultimately become a winner. We are presenting these solutions for the benefit of all the IELTS aspirants.

    Fear #1

    What if I miss something in the Listening module?

    This fear arises due to lack of concentration. Some IELTS candidates who have made an unsuccessful attempt join us for IELTS coaching. They share that their biggest fear was that they won’t be able to follow the recording in the listening section.

    The only solution to overcome this fear of writing IELTS exam is ‘practice’. We make the students practice adequately. The more they practice listening, the more confidence they develop.

    With focused practice the strengths and weaknesses can be identified. Our expert faculty members help the IELTS aspirants identify their strengths and weaknesses. With this they design a suitable study plan customized for each student. It helps them paying extra attention to those tasks will save precious points and enhance the overall band score.


    Fear #2

    What if I don’t have enough time?

    The most common fear, in the Reading and Writing sections, is of not finishing on time. This fear arises due to poor time management skills. Any amount of time is inadequate for a student in the examination hall. The only feasible solution is mastering the time management skill for the exam. What do we mean by that?

    The time management skill that works in exams requires an IELTS test taker to assign a fixed amount of time to each reading passage and yet reserve 10 minutes, tentatively, for any questions unanswered. What kills the time most is the fact that the candidate is not finding the answer to one particular question and s/he spends more than required time on just one question. This disturbs the time quotient completely. This approach will help you make sure that most of the questions have been answered.


    Fear #3

    What if I have nothing to write about?

    There are two aspects to the solution to overcome this fear. First, read a lot to develop familiarity with a variety of essay topics. Second, write on a variety of topics possibly assigned by an IELTS expert. One can develop confidence on her/his writing skills by writing and getting feedback.

    Fear #4

    What if I say the wrong thing?

    This fear of expressing the inappropriate ideas can be overcome learning to present ideas logically. One should know that no idea is correct or incorrect. It is the manner of presentation that matters. Whether the speaker was presentable or not, logical or not, confident or not, convinced about the idea or not makes a difference.


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